Twice Daily: The Currency of Convenience

Providing what busy people need for life on the go.

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Twice Daily convenience stores are living up to their name.   Not only are the stores convenient but they are the preferred stop by busy people in Middle Tennessee. Today’s shoppers are looking for stops that allow them to fulfill several daily tasks at one time and provide energy for their day that includes coffee, more coffee, snacks, breakfast and lunch, ice, beer and fuel. Convenience is the new currency of today’s mobile audience.

While convenience stores are sometimes associated with men and pick-up trucks, research for Twice Daily showed their audience includes a large audience of women who stop at Twice Daily for everything from donuts for their office to Gatorade and snacks for the kids. The modern well-stocked stores provide their biggest need – a convenience oasis wrapped in a safe and modern setting.

New broadcast is focused on both the male and female consumers that use Twice Daily, well, twice daily.   And as an added bonus, a new gourmet coffee brand White Bison Coffee, is being rolled out in select stores.

Stop by anytime. The coffee is always hot and the drinks are cold.