Southerland: Luxury, Comfort and Technology

How to provide new spring for today’s luxury bedrooms

Southerland, Inc. has been manufacturing the finest quality bedding available anywhere. In the top ten of manufacturers, millions of Americans are sleeping on a Southerland mattress tonight.

Southerland has grown from the hallmark Southerland brand to a house of brands including luxury high end brands engineered with the latest technology for the ultimate in sleep. Southerland is one of the only mattress brands still manufactured in the

Southerland provides bedding to a wide variety of mattress retailers, furniture stores and large box stores. With today’s female shopper armed with a smartphone, Southerland needed to create an online presence for their six brands.

Brand Wise created a brand look and feel for each brand that has been incorporated into brand strategy, brand look and feel, design, photography, a new Las Vegas market showroom, website design and development for six brands, and email strategy.

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