We are branding and marketing specialists with a passion to solve problems, enhance brands and improve profitability. National and regional clients seek us out during periods of change when they have a need for new positioning, a new brand, a brand refresh, new consumer insights, a new marketing initiative or just a new way of looking at things. We have deep experience in healthcare, hospitality, non-profit, retail, B2B and all things women.


Here are some of the outstanding brands we are privileged to assist.


Brand Wise uses a combination of consumer insights, research, proprietary brand planning, marketing and advertising to add meaning to brands. We spend much of our time with brands that engage women. Women are the ultimate consumer with 85% of all brand purchases. Even B2B brands are becoming more cognizant of workplace gender, now that 50% of the workforce is composed of women.


Research is home base.  It’s where we like to start.  We conduct our own qualitative, quantitative, one-on-ones, in-store observations, usability tests and more to get at what brand fans want.

The Brand Story.

We are famous for our brand workshops where we drink strong coffee, eat Post-It notes and serve up our version of brand profiles, affectionately called fried eggs.  Workshops are a time for discovery, consumer insights, inspiration and distillation of message.  They help provide insight for strategic plans.

The Culture of Creative.

Big beautiful brand identities, attention grabbing campaigns, and persuasive content are all part of living a culture of impactful creative.  It all starts with an idea, just one great big idea.


Reaching your brand fans takes rocket fuel plans, smart media, and seismographic measurement tools. We use skywriters, pump toppers, ice cream socials, pop-up events, retail displays, maps, road signs, billboards, navigation tools, websites, newsletters, online media, video and more to reach consumers.  Boom!

Brand Engagement Workshops start with tons of Post-It notes and end with a beautiful Brand Strategy.

Our Team


Chief Brand Strategist

Jamie’s prior experience includes roles as chief planning officer and partner at major advertising agencies where she created highly successful planning programs for the agency.


Data Geek

Jennifer is a 20-year direct marketing veteran and has managed email and direct mail campaigns for numerous companies in industries including financial services, healthcare, and education. Her strengths are data targeting, email automation, and performance tracking.


Consumer Insights

Sheila has a natural curiosity that has served her well during a 20+ year career in primary research design and analysis. Oh, and Sheila has earned the Professional Research Certification at the Expert level from the Marketing Research Association!


Video Producer / Cinematographer

Mike provides interactive experiences using video and digital. His experience in marrying web, broadcast and place-based media allows him to understand the needs for today’s brand touchpoints.



Marla is a writer, editor and marketing communications professional with more than 20 years of experience helping people and companies sound like themselves-only better.


Photographer / Designer

Brian Bruzewski’s background includes working as an art director and designer for over 20 years. This unique perspective not only informs his image compositions but means he also knows what works.

85% of brand purchases are made by women but 90% of them don’t think brands understand them.  Learn more about marketing to women with our Lipstick Economy podcast.

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If you are coming to see us, we are located in the happening Melrose area in Nashville, Tennessee. Our office is at 2535 Franklin Road. Parking and the entrance to the office is on the deck level above M.L. Rose Craft Beer & Burgers.

Yes, sometimes we have meetings downstairs with burgers and beverages! Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter and visit our blog about marketing to women @TheLipstickEconomy.com.

If you’d like someone from Brand Wise to speak at your next event, drop us a note to see if we’re a fit for you.