Women and Podcasting

A live panel podcast from Red Letter Day 2019

Live from Red Letter Day 2019, a panel of female podcast hosts discuss podcasting and its increase in popularity among women. Friend of Lipstick Economy Clark Buckner and Brynn Plummer, co-hosts of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center’s “Navigate” podcast speak to a panel of female podcast hosts about how they got into podcasting and why it’s important as well as tips to help others get started with their own podcast. The panel consists of Hope Cooper Buckner, host of SHESpeaks, Leah Hayes of “Her Story of Success,” and Emily Siner of WPLN’s “Movers and Thinkers.”

What should we know about women and podcasting?

The growth rate of listenership among women is increasing quickly. While it’s stagnating among male listeners, now 1 in 4 women listen to podcasts, up from 1 in 5 a year earlier. Time spent listening to podcasts is also increasing among women about 20% year over year.

Why is it important to know about women’s consumption of podcasts?

The women who listen to podcasts represent a very diverse group of people with regard to age and race and have higher education and income than other groups. This makes them a highly desirable target market of many brands. Additionally, these listeners are devoting more of their listening time to podcasts than to streaming and broadcast radio. So podcasting is becoming a great way to reach this market segment. As Ms. Buckner notes, “you can’t get any closer to someone than in between their ears.”

Why start a podcast?

All of panel members felt there was a need for their particular message and content to exist in the world and worked to put it out there to share. The intimacy of the format was also very attractive to the podcasters when deciding how to share these stories. It allows various opportunities for hosts to deepen engagement with listeners, too which is an important consideration of brands working to build loyalty.

How can others get started?

There are a lot of resources for helping people host their own podcasts without investing in equipment or learning any technology. All the panel members agree that it’s most important to start with a message/goal, good content, and ideas first, however (and a url!). Nashville has one of the largest meetup groups of podcasters in the country, which can provide the opportunity to get some great guidance in getting started or taking a podcast to the next level. The Nashville Podcasters Meetup is every second Wednesday evening at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. Podcasters and future podcasters can learn more at nashvillepodcasters.com.

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