Emily Tucker and 21C Museum Hotels

A Branded Hotel Experience

Emily Tucker loves art, great restaurants and lovely historic locations.  So it’s no surprise she is the Senior Director, Brand Marketing for 21c Museum Hotels, a collection of boutique hotels located in historic locations combining contemporary art with farm to table restaurants.  The hotels have an interesting beginning, being a part of the revitalization of downtown Louisville,  and now providing boutique hotel experiences in nine locations in the United States.

What should we know about Emily?

Emily has come to hospitality marketing with a wide range of experience with brands that target women.  With more than 16 years of marketing communications experience ranging from established brands like Domino’s and gazelle start-ups like Gigi’s Cupcakes, Emily has built a reputation for following big data and following her heart. Emily understands what makes consumers tick…and what makes companies grow, and uses this insight when building and executing brand positioning strategy for 21c Museum Hotels.

How important are women consumers to the travel industry and to 21c Museum Hotels?

Not only do women compose two-thirds of all travelers but they also make 80% of the travel decisions.  While the hotels want to be inclusive to all, they strive to please women knowing they are the most discriminating.  Emily shared that women put more emphasis on customer service so when you elevate your customer service for women, you elevate it for everyone.

How does 21C Museum Hotels create a unique experience for both local and travel guests?

21c Museum Hotels provide a wall-to-wall distinctive experience with approachable art throughout the hotel. Each hotel has a changing art exhibition, giving the hotel a new feeling each time the art changes.  One of the most popular exhibitions has been The Future is Female, currently on view at their Raleigh hotel.

How does 21C Museum Hotels market to women?

The hotels have an advantage in having changing art exhibitions which provide new news on a regular basis for each hotel.  Public relations and digital marketing form the formal part of the marketing plan. They have received the Conde’ Nast Readers Choice Award three years in a row.  They also benefit from influencers and super fans that create generous word of mouth.  In looking at their psychographics, Emily says they have created a specific brand muse that informs their marketing.

What’s up with the 21c Museum Hotel Penguins?

Well, you will have to listen to the podcast to find out all the details, but suffice to say, they have a life of their own.  Each hotel sports a different color flock of penguins.  For purists, the actual term is colony of penguins.

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Conde’ Nast Traveler’s 2019 Readers’ Choice Award