Ea Fuqua and Meg DeLong of The Tidy Home

Bringing Peace and Order to Life

Ea Fuqua and Meg DeLong are a dynamic duo and owners of The Tidy Home, a professional organizing and home styling business helping families de-clutter, tidy, and brighten their spaces. The Tidy Home helps to bring peace and order to your life by tidying up those spaces that stress you out.

What should we know about Ea + Meg?

Ea and Meg are sisters who sought a way to share their talents and work together.  In trying to bring sanity into their own lives, The Tidy Home was born. They were born and raised in Owensboro, Kentucky, but have called the Nashville area their home for years. Both sisters are wildly creative – Ea comes from a background in merchandising and marketing with a strong interest in design, while Meg’s background is in Fine Art with a strong emphasis in Color Theory.

What differentiates The Tidy Home from other similar organization companies?

Ea and Meg wanted their approach to be relatable to all women struggling with organization in their lives.  They wanted the prices to be reasonable and for those with no budget, they wanted to inspire them and give them ideas that they could execute on their own.  True to their role of bringing sanity into homes, Ea and Meg say even organizing a drawer can make you feel more in control of your life.

Who is the primary target audience for The Tidy Home?

The ideal client is a stay-at-home mom or a mom working at home who needs help to do life a little better every day.

How has social media helped your business?

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok are the main marketing vehicles used by The Tidy Home.  They began their Instagram account in April 2019 and now have 26K followers, a feat they attribute to the generosity of ideas they provide their followers.  Their Pinterest account has some 10K monthly viewers. The sisters want to provide ideas that all followers can do at home whether they hire them or not. They have also been great collaboration partners, working with other brands who have similar audiences.  Ea and Meg also say that other business women have been incredibly helpful to them as they have started their business.

What is the personality of your Instagram account?

While their social has a definite branded look, probably the most important attribute of their brand is authenticity. They say their followers want to see what they are doing and know about them as well as their services.  They hope they bring the same lightness to Instagram that they do when you meet them.

Resources and Links

Website:  thetidyhomenashville.com

Instagram:  @TheTidyHomeNashville 

Facebook:  The TidyHome Nashville

TikTok: @TheTidyHomeNashville

Pinterest:  The Tidy Home Nashville

The Tidy Home on the Sami Cone Show