Women Graduate at Higher Pace than MenWomen are graduating at a much higher pace than men. Overall, 140 women graduated with a college degree at some level for every 100 men.

For the class of 2013, 61.6% of all associate’s degrees, 56.7% of all bachelor’s degrees, 59.9% of all master’s degrees, and 51.6% of all doctor’s degrees belong to women.

The year 1978 was the first time in history women earned more associate’s degrees than men.  Since that year, women have risen in the number of college graduates each year and increasingly surpassed men in numbers.  By 1982—only five years later—women began earning more bachelors degrees.  By 1987—another five years later—women began earning more master’s degrees.  By 1997 women were earning more doctor’s degrees, and within another decade every college degree was dominated by women

Any concern for gender imbalances might need to be reevaluated.  With women earning more degrees each year, it is important to consider who will be running the majority of businesses in the future.  To summarize the statistics, women have earned 4.35 million more bachelor’s degrees than men and 9.7 million more degrees for all levels since 1982.  This means that not only do women in the workforce have degrees, but many moms at home do too.  With so many women holding degrees, it is important that marketing realize the number of well-educated women in the United States.

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