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spears-mug-10Stuart Spears is the quarterback of the Titan’s sales and advertising efforts.  He has seen a lot of changes in his 28 years with the Oilers and Titans.  In the midst of starting a season with many new changes, he spent some time giving us an update on free WiFi in the stadium, the Titans mobile app, challenges of marketing NFL football today and how the Titans reach out to women.

1.  What is changing in marketing NFL football today?  

The biggest changes are in how you reach your fan (and potential fan).  The avenues to touch your audience are much more varied than even 5 years ago. Social media has sucked so much power from traditional communication channels. The ability to communicate directly with the fan has created so many new ways to have a real dialogue. The challenge this creates is breaking through all the clutter that comes at the consumer/fan. While it is great to have so many different ways to reach someone, you also realize quickly that there are countless others bombarding that person, too.

2.   What type of activities are you using to keep ticket holders engaged?

We have tried to create opportunities for our season ticket members to feel exclusive. Opportunities to meet the head coach and players in private settings. Behind-the-scenes access at LP Field. We try to create opportunities for them to cash in on their status as a season ticket holder.

3.  What is new in marketing for this year?  What are you most excited about? 

We are excited about public Wi-Fi in the stadium and the opportunities to use our Titans’ app on fans smartphones. The Wi-Fi network in LP Field will give fans in attendance access to exclusive video and extra features on their smartphones.

IMG_0256--nfl_mezz_1280_10244.  How do you target women?  

We have a few women-based initiatives that we have had a great deal of success. Our Titans True program continues to develop and receive great feedback. We host an annual Football 101 clinic at our facility that continues to grow each year, as well. The NFL as a whole has done a great job each October in Breast Cancer Awareness activities and we’ve enjoyed activating on a local level to mirror their efforts. We have tried to use these activities and groups to communicate with our female fans on a level that respects their love and knowledge of football while engaging in activities important to them.

5.  Who is really more popular?  T-Rac, the new coach or the quarterback?

All three are immensely popular. But, there’s something about being an NFL quarterback.