Sharon Brawner

Sharon Brawner & the Country Music Hall of Fame®

Sharon Brawner, Senior Vice President for the Country Music Hall of Fame®, tells Lipstick Economy how the Country Music Hall of Fame has grown along with Nashville making it the premier home of country music. Today, marketing helps guide 1.2 million people to visit the Country Music Hall of Fame®, making it a must visit for Nashville tourists. Sharon says the Country Music Hall of Fame® is like a great hit song. People think they were an overnight sensation but lots of hard work has gone into making it a must-see for Nashville tourists.

What should we know about Sharon?

Sharon has always been a fan of country music. Especially George Strait. She tells us about her special George Strait moment. But at work, she is a busy lady. She guides all earned revenue-producing activities for the organization including admissions, events, sponsorships, retail and product licensing. She supervises the management of Historic RCA Studio B and Hatch Show Print. Additionally, she manages the day-to-day oversight of the museum’s brand, including the museum’s website, social media channels, marketing, advertising campaigns and public relations efforts. Her former career with the Nashville Sounds and Nashville Kats Arena Football, Gaylord Entertainment and Opryland Hotel helped shape her for her successful 18-year career with the Country Music Hall of Fame®.

What exactly is the Country Music Hall of Fame®?

While the Country Music Hall of Fame® is a museum with a huge permanent collection of more than 2 million items, the museum also holds the legacies of the best in country music. In addition to the rotunda with Hall of Fame members, there is a rotating schedule of exhibitions through the year, Q&A sessions, music performances, panel discussions and a look behind the current of country music. The museum also conducts special community programs with public schools like the Words and Music program that has existed for 43 years. The museum tells the historical and current story of country music.

Who is the target for the museum?

Sharon tells us that while attendees skew 50/50 male and female, women are the decision makers for vacations. And women are huge country music fans, buying more music, attending more concerts, traveling more and more fan loyal to artists. In 2020, the goal is to increase local visitation. The media types used for the museum are varied. She tells us about some new plans for 2020. And she talks about how the Ken Burns PBS special and book have encouraged sales.

What business is the Country Music Hall of Fame® in?

Sharon tells us that they are essentially in the memory business. A song connects with a special memory or emotion you had around that song. Events are especially important to bringing new persons to the museum, either to see an exhibition or attend an event in the impressive facility. Sharon gives insights on their exhibition strategy and criteria.

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