Marsha Bemko

Antiques Roadshow is Reality TV

Known for capturing moments that combine compelling history with authentic human stories, executive producer Marsha Bemko’s television career spans 30 years, most notably as executive producer for the 19-time Emmy® Award-nominated Antiques Roadshow. Bemko is a 2018 recipient of the Silver Circle Award from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. During her tenure, Antiques Roadshow has been recognized with multiple Telly Awards, CINE Golden Eagle Awards, NY Festivals International Television Broadcast Awards, and has been nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award. Bemko has spearheaded Antiques Roadshow’s expansion across digital and social platforms. Bemko is executive producer of the Detours podcast. Bemko is also the author of Antiques Roadshow Behind the Scenes published in 2009, is a contributing editor to Country Living magazine and is a sought-after speaker.

What should we know about Marsha?

Marsha has a documentary background and each Roadshow has a documentary flavor with a special dose of fun. After all these years, Marsha still gets excited before every event! Marsha says “story is king” and loves the stories that come with the items on Roadshow. Stories are what has made Antiques Roadshow the most-watched ongoing series on PBS!

What makes Antiques Roadshow a reality show?

Long before the Kardashians, Antiques Roadshow established itself as a form of reality show. It combines the individuals who come to the show with their heirlooms with the element of discovery and surprise. While the individuals, items and locations change, the stories continue to delight all ages.

Why is Antiques Roadshow in Nashville?

Antiques Roadshow seeks out distinctive historic locations across the country.  Cheekwood Estate & Gardens is one of those places. Roadshow had originally planned to come to Nashville in early 2020, but had cancel due to the pandemic. The Nashville location will be the first stop on their 2022 national tour and the taping will be on May 10 (advance tickets required). Marsha anticipates interesting music genre items from Nashville. But she also says “good items have feet,” meaning people will travel to Roadshow with their heirlooms.

What does it take to put on a show? 

The show has a regular traveling crew made up of individuals who have been with the show for a long time. At the location, they are joined by the 150 experts who appraise the items and the 100 volunteers who work to make the show a success.

How does Antiques Roadshow stay relevant?  

Marsha says people used to say “My mother watches your show,” but now they say “I watch your show.” Not only is it the story interest of the items but Roadshow has made segments of the show available on many platforms today, giving Roadshow fans a variety of ways to view their content. From the popular snapshots video series to TikTok, fans can see the best of Roadshow. The popularity on TikTok certainly reinforces the love of the show from all generations.

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