Lisa Sarmento, Owner & Creator of Tiramisu Paperie

Creating Paper Goods with a Little Sass and Sarcasm

Lisa Sarmento is the owner and creator of Tiramisu Paperie, a destination for those wanting a curated mix of paper goods that reflect their personal sense of humor. Lisa’s line of paper goods is just the thing to make you smile on a less than great day. Currently her paper goods are carried online and in more than 800 retailers in the United States and Canada. She is an accomplished art director and designer that left the advertising agency world to pursue her passion in a time when she needed to make a new way for herself and her family.

What should we know about Lisa?

Lisa started Tiramisu Paperie during a time when she had experienced loss in her family and realized that there were no cards to express the true feelings she was experiencing. She used her graphic design background, a sassy attitude and a big heart to create Tiramisu Paperie to lift the spirits of others. The cards say what you are thinking but not saying.

Oh, and another thing about Lisa, besides being a talented designer, she is a card and paper hoarder.

How did Lisa find her voice for the paper goods?

Lisa realized she found her voice in the strong women who raised her. She started the company as a way to keep them close and honor them. As she says, “They say when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. I just chose to make margaritas.” Lisa’s cards are irreverent and fun, and that’s just what the voice she uses to make someone laugh and lift their spirits.

Who is the target audience for Tiramisu Paperie products?

 The target audience is definitely 90% female but these women are unapologetically themselves. They span ages 18-72. They say they have found cards that finally express themselves. And they are lovers of cards. They hoard cards and buy them just to have them to be ready at any moment. They also love to get cards.

In this digital age, what’s the future of people writing cards and sending them to people? 

Cards will continue to have a future because they are making a connection that no phone call or text or email can do. The sender took time to buy the card and write the personal note. People will continue to love the personal touch.

Has COVID-19 caused any changes in the marketing of Tiramisu Paperie’s products? And/or has it changed some of the things the paper goods say?

Tiramisu Paperie has been 85% wholesale but COVID-19 had a huge effect on the business. They had to make a big pivot to bring the retail side of the business back. Many of the cards selling now are supportive and encouraging. During this time of working from home, note pads and planners have been big sellers. And new care packages are perfect gifts of encouragement.

What forms of marketing has Lisa found the most effective?

Instagram has been very important to the business (listen to the story of how that became “a thing”). She is still trying to understand Tik Tok.

And email continues to be the main way they keep in touch with their customers.

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