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Now Bringing Women Together With Ideas Worth Sharing

Kaleigh Imbriale, Executive Director of TedXNashville, tells Lipstick Economy how TedXNashville has thrived in Nashville for ten years, becoming one of the ten largest TedX events worldwide. The popular event programming was enhanced with the addition of the TedXNashvilleWomen event in 2018.

What should we know about Kaleigh?

Kaleigh has been a fan of TedX long before she became the Executive Director. She has favorite Ted Talks that she regularly watches for inspiration. So it was natural that the TedX role was perfect for Kaleigh.

As Executive Director of TEDxNashville (TEDx Talks), she is tasked with producing the single largest idea conference in the Southeast and one of the top 10 TEDx’s in the country. In her role she oversees all aspects of operation including speaker selection, sponsorships and fulfillment, volunteer recruitment and management, budget and marketing. Before joining TEDxNashville, Kaleigh was the Community Engagement Director at Lightning 100 overseeing all events, promotions, and listener engagement strategy, and before that she was at CMT on the Programming Strategy team.

Why TedXNashville create a women’s event?

TedX did a study showing 86% of women have reported that when they see other women in leadership roles they feel empowered. TedXNashville saw the opportunity to bring women to a global platform to tell their inspiring stories. Last year’s event was a sellout so the event is moving to a new venue that will make the event more accessible to attendees. The 2019 event will be December 6. This year TedX Nashville Women is shining a light on some of the world’s most extraordinary risk-takers and innovators. Among this year’s amazing speakers is Rita Wilson, Actress, Singer-Songwriter, Producer; speaking on “How I Forgot to Ask Myself What I Want, and Why We All Need to be Asking That Question”.

What is the most successful TedXNashville talk to date?

Michael Brody-Waite, former Nashville Entrepreneur Center CEO, has had one of the most successful Ted Talks with a million views.

Who is the target for Ted Talks?

TedXNashville has a wide cross-section of people. Each year the attendees are half new and half repeat – all curious about the interesting topics covered. Potential attendees are reached with a variety of media, community and media partners, public relations and social.

What’s new beyond TedxNashville Women?

TedXNashville is looking at programming that will engage TedX fans with a variety of special events that are unique to TedXNashville. The first was a mural scavenger hunt reinforcing the importance of street art.

Special Note:  Dr. Karen Scott will not be speaking at the TedxNashville Women’s 2019 event.  Please check the TEDxNashville website for the most current listing of speakers.

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