Jennifer Hinkle & The Tennessee Titans

New Innovations in Tennessee Titans Marketing

Jennifer Hinkle has a special position on the Tennessee Titans team. She is the Senior Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy for the Titans. If you noticed a new look to Titans marketing this year, it is the result of Jennifer’s work. She is responsible for the integrated multimedia marketing across the team’s digital platforms, the club’s mobile and desktop sites, digital apps, social media channels, and marketing, content and fan engagement platforms.

What should we know about Jennifer?

First of all, careers in NFL football are not exclusively roles for men. Jennifer is celebrating her 18th year of working with NFL teams. Jennifer joined the Tennessee Titans in July 2019 after 12 years with the Washington Football team and with the Baltimore Ravens before that.  Her interest in the Titans organization was piqued by the great leadership and driving force of controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk who has continued to invest in the team.

One other thing to know about Jennifer is her favorite activity is tailgating!

How many women make up NFL fans?

Currently 47% of NFL fans are women, and 40% are very avid fans. Plus they are making most of the decisions for their families about tailgating purchases, game attendance, merchandise purchases and more.

Who are Titans fans?

While that seems like an obvious question, Jennifer and her team are continuing to do research to know the fans better. Some 85% of Titans game attendance comes from persons living within a 50-mile radius of Nashville. They are affluent, educated, hopeful and proud of the team. The fans are becoming more widespread and transplants to Nashville are bringing a new group of younger fans to the team.

Has the target audience for the brand changed?

In 2011, the target audience was aging and there was little marketing for the brand.  Younger consumers did not know the Goo Goo brand.  With rebranding, it was crucial to develop a younger audience.  Today, they span the ages and now with a retail store, they reach tourists from all over the world traveling to Nashville.  Their target audience includes event and wedding planners, retailers, tourists, families and their remaining older audience.

What are fans looking for these days?

The competition for NFL games is the home experience and college sports. So today the organization is focused on more convenient and memorable experiences associated with the Titans.

How do they reach the female fan?

It is important to respect the female consumer and realize they have a real knowledge and interest in the game. The Titans will be providing more impactful programs in 2021 that are smart, entertaining and stand out from others.  They will not all be retail focused.

What does an integrated Titans campaign look like? 

It is a combination of platforms like the website, the app, social media and traditional radio and newspaper.  This year the Titans focused on content by social channel, creating fun and engaging features such as the Titans game day fashion. The team hosted pop-up shops targeting millennials and created the eye-catching new Tennessee Tough mural located at Korean Vets Blvd. and 6th Ave. S., using augmented reality to engage fans and tourists.

What’s an important thought for marketers today?

If it’s not on social, it doesn’t happen!

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