Hannah Eaglen

Nashville Like Never Before

Meet Hannah Eaglen, the on-site marketing lead for the new Fifth + Broadway development in downtown Nashville. Hannah is a Nashville native who enjoys bringing a local perspective to the quickly evolving Nashville market. She lives by the philosophy that confidence, positivity, and hard work will get you just about anywhere you want to go.

What is Fifth + Broadway?

Fifth+Broadway is a mixed-use development that sits in the heart of Nashville.  It includes an office tower, a residential tower, restaurants, a retail arena with more than 50 retail shopping opportunities and the National Museum of African American Music.

How does a mixed-use development change the dynamic of Fifth+Broadway?

Hannah says: We have built a community of people who work and/or live in the area who come for lunch, dinner, and other entertainment downtown like a Predators game. We have a seven day a week venue that is not just a weekend destination.

How does the perception of malls line up with Fifth+Broadway?

Fifth+Broadway is re-inventing what the perception of a mall is for today’s guests. It is all about experience, an entertainment destination. You can have a different experience every time you visit. We offer everything from concert venues to a museum to experiential retail stores.

What is the target audience – local versus tourist?

Sitting on the edge of Lower Broad, we and Bridgestone Arena have dubbed ourselves Upper Broad. We get so many of the tourism guests but we have been focusing on the local audience who may have shied away from downtown unless they had guests in town. We have made it a safe, elevated experience that is different every time you come. It is a place to live, work, eat and play for the local audience.  We try to make it a seamless experience and extend your evening if you are going to the Ryman or a game.

How do you handle marketing for the development?

Tenants are in charge of their own marketing and social media campaigns but we try to support them in our social media, in our newsletters and using our audience to push them forward.  We also have events like our Fall Festival we had on Halloween. It brought in an audience that would not normally be on Broadway like families taking part in activities.  Promotions are part of our marketing mix going forward.

We partner with organizations like Titans, Preds, and influencers to use our site for social media events. That has fueled our tourist marketing effort.

Influencer marketing is so big right now and it really targets women. Instagram has been our biggest gain in marketing to women.

Resources and Links

Winter Wonder at Fifth+Broadway: https://fifthandb.com/event/winter-wonder-at-5b/

Fifth+Broadway website: https://fifthandb.com

Instagram @fifthandb