Dr. Nick Sieveking and Anna Walker

Age Management for the Whole Person

Dr. Nick Sieveking and Anna Walker from Sieveking Plastic Surgery joined us to talk about age management. Dr. Sieveking is board certified in general surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery and also board certified with fellowship training in Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine. He is celebrated for his surgical skills but also believes in treating his patients age-related needs, from inside to outside.

Anna Walker is the Director of Marketing at Sieveking Plastic Surgery and is on top of trends for medical aesthetic and surgical needs. She has some twenty years of experience in the healthcare industry leading marketing programs for HCA Centennial Medical Center and Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute.

What should we know about Dr. Sieveking and his practice?

Dr. Sieveking’s advanced fellowship training in Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine enables him to be the most complete anti-aging surgeon and physician to treat his patients age-related needs, from the inside to the outside. Age management is a term Dr. Sieveking coined for his practice that includes traditional plastic surgery techniques as well as many non-invasive procedures such as lasers and body contouring and treatments that improve appearances by addressing whole body issues, like regenerative medicine, hormone therapy and nutrition.

What sets Sieveking Plastic Surgery and Ageless Regenerative Medical apart from others in your field?

Sieveking is the most comprehensive age management clinic in one setting. Dr. Sieveking has some 21 years of surgical experience and has added functional and regenerative medical clinics to help manage health factors that lead to premature aging, such as medically supervised weight loss, food sensitivity/intolerance, lifestyle coaching, and genetic disease testing. We also do IV treatments for chronic conditions such as dementia, memory loss, depression and anxiety chronic pain, kidney disease and more.

Have people continued to want your services during the pandemic?  

One thing we have noticed at Sieveking Medical Aesthetics Center, is that amidst the difficulties felt economically, politically, psychologically, etc., people are searching for ways to make themselves look and feel better. A boost of confidence. A mini escape from the uncertainties in our world right now. Our medical aesthetics center has worked to offer patients that enhancement through cosmetic and spa treatments and improved skin care.

What are the most popular procedures?

The most popular surgical procedures continue to be facelifts, tummy tucks, liposuction and breast surgery. Non-invasive treatments in our office include 18 laser treatments that can iron out the wrinkles and improve skin texture and quality. Non-invasive fat reducing therapies such as Coolsculpt and Vanquish are wildly popular today. And the demand for Botox and fillers is greater than it has ever been. Biodentical hormone replacements therapies and peptide infusions.

Do patients come in knowing what they want to achieve?  Or do you guide them?

Some do have particular treatments they want to discuss. But some patients just come in wanting advice on how to look and feel better.

There has been a lot of fun poked at people who have had too much Botox. I know that you are an advocate for more natural looks. How do you counsel your patients about that?

The results from Botox or derma fillers depend on the provider. Bad and fake looks are always possible in the wrong injector’s hands. Our injector always provides a natural and refreshed result. You can always come back for more or a touch up.

Clearly women are your primary audience. But are men wanting to improve their appearance and take care of themselves?

There is not the same stigma attached to certain treatments like Botox as existed a few years ago. People of both genders and all ages come in to treat themselves to our laser and cosmetic services.

How do you market today? And has it changed in the past few years or during Covid?

Video is becoming more and more relevant and shared through a variety of vehicles including web, social media, Google display advertising, webinars, and webcasts. Marketing trends in healthcare, specifically in the plastic surgery and medical aesthetics industries, are digitally driven and highly competitive. Event marketing has largely diminished and evolved due to the COVID pandemic. Although it is expected that in-person marketing events will make an eventual resurgence, it will be with different parameters.

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