Red Letter Day 2017

What is Red Letter Day and why do I need to attend? Red Letter Day is the only marketing-to-women conference in the South that brings together some of the smartest marketing minds in the industry to provide inspiration, creative ideas and practical takeaways. It’s one afternoon, Friday, August 17, in the heart of Nashville and the theme is Stories Matter.

Oh, and did we mention why we do this? Women are responsible for 85% of all consumer purchases including auto, healthcare, pets, fashion, food and more.

So here’s our top ten reasons to attend.

1. Great new marketing ideas and stories from happening brands like Asurion, Nissan, Pedigree, Tennessee Tourism, Twice Daily and Goo Goo Clusters. All of these brands are marketing to women in new and interesting ways. One example is how the role of entertainment and marketing is becoming more blended as exemplified Nissan’s promotion with the movie “A Wrinkle in Time”.

2. A current range of topics spot on for today’s marketing to women. Subjects include recruitment marketing for women in the tech world, strategic partnerships to boost brands, branded partnerships that are mutually beneficial, cause marketing that appeals to women, the 101 on influencer marketing, how to deal with shifting target audiences and social media insights. These are real case studies. From real brands. Doing real work.

3. Stories that matter like the story of the Song Suffragettes who recognized that country music is woefully underrepresented with women. They sought to change that and will tell their inspiring story and perform for us! And what better venue than City Winery for their performance!

4. Our sponsors have exciting activities for us like Google Bulletin teaching us about their new tool that allows you to capture stories right from your smartphone. Asurion will be treating us to a screenprinting experience that you have to see! And giving us a demo of their new product Linkpost. And we will have Door Prizes from our sponsors.

5. A chance to network with other marketers and have a little fun. We are hosting a wine reception upstairs in the City Winery lounge with their great wines, amazing food and balcony views of the downtown Nashville skyline.

6. New propriety research on Gender in Marketing will be shared with our Red Letter Day friends. The new study focuses on how gender equality is represented in marketing. Really interesting new facts that show that gender is still an issue in the workplace and in marketing.

7. Practical takeaways and why-didn’t-I-think-of-that ideas that you will be able to use the next week. We want everyone to leave with tips and ideas that can be employed for their brands, whether large or small.

8. So much great information in only one afternoon. You don’t have to travel, devote several days to a conference, or spend thousands of dollars to get this type of marketing know how. It’s just one Friday afternoon that ends in wine. It’s like six of those business lunches all rolled into one, and at a great price. Your boss will like that.

9. Swag Bags you will really want. Okay, we don’t go to conferences for swag bags but when you get a really great one, you are impressed. We have some cool stuff like our favorite Red Letter Day notebooks.

10. You become part of the Red Letter Day network. With new friends, new business associates and new ideas that promote a better marketing to women. Now that’s inspirational.

Want to be part of all this specialness? Save your spot here.