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Stats on Women

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Purchasing Power of Women


Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases, including everything from autos to health care:

(Yankelovich Monitor)


The Auto Category


The Technology and Electronic Category


Women and Sports


Global Spending


Education and Career






Female Business Owners

(“Buying Power,” Catalyst, 2013)










Increasing Purchasing Power


The New Life Plan – Gen Y

(Levi’s survey of 1,000 Millennials, 2010)



Independent Women


In the Penn Mutual 2nd Annual Worth Survey for Women, 71% of respondents characterized themselves as Independent Women:


Marriage and Motherhood


Moms in the Workforce


Modern Moms vs. the General Population

(Nielsen Company Study, May 2011)


Moms & Social Media

(Consumer Electronics Assoc., Influencing CE Purchases, December 2010)



(Keller Fay Study, September 2010)


Moms, Kids and the Internet

(Mom Central Consulting, 2010)


Moms, Kids and TV

(Brunner Advertising Survey, 2010)


Moms’ Beliefs

(Mom Central Consulting, December 2009 Report)


The State of Mom Continually Changes


Moms Online

(Searcher Moms: A Search Behavior and User Study, DoubleClick, 2007)


More Moms Online


Digital Divas By The Numbers

(Mindshare/Ogilvy & Mather)


Working Mothers

(Trillion Dollar Moms by Maria T. Bailey & Bonnie Worthy Ulman)


Moms and Advertising

(Trillion Dollar Moms by Maria T. Bailey & Bonnie Worthy Ulman)


Women Spread the Word

(Harbinger Women and Word of Mouth Study, October 2010)


Health Care


9/10 Women Seek Health Info via Web


1/4 Hospital, Urgent Care Patients Influenced by Social Media


Boomer Women and Affluence