Rafferty’s Restaurants

Rafferty’s Restaurants have been part of the restaurant scene in Tennessee and Kentucky for many years quietly serving up original recipes and doing the extra things in the kitchen and at the table that make for successful dining experiences. Rafferty’s worked with Brand Wise to refine their brand identity and brand strategy. The changes have been incorporated in new photography, new menus, successful promotions, and lots of happy meals for their guests.


Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation

Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation had two big events in 2012 – the 25th Anniversary of the cancer foundation and the 100th birthday of Minnie Pearl. We helped the cancer support organization with a plan for the celebratory year that brought together the legacy of Minnie with the 25 years of compassion of the Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation. The year included a variety of events including Center Stage at the Opry, a special celebration at the Country Music Hall of Fame, media and social media promotion, more than 100 videos of celebrities and friends honoring the organization and even their very own Hatch Show Print for the year. It was a fitting tribute to the generosity of Minnie and Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation.


Bella Linea

Bella Linea is a one-of-a-kind retailer selling European linens, down, bath and gift items. The retailer had survived the recession but was in need of a new fresh approach to selling their unique offerings. Research proved they needed more affordable items to increase shopping frequency among current customers and invite in younger customers. The New Bella Linea included a brand refresh, new merchandising, a new line of beautiful gift items under $50, a new website, social media and advertising. The sales results have been beautiful too.