Rethink Church

The Rethink Church movement grew out of a desire to connect with young adults who were disillusioned with church and invite them to an authentic living church in action locally and globally. The campaign has communicated with both internal church audiences and young adults over a period of five years. The campaign has touched more than 4,500 churches, mobilized more than 500,000 volunteers and served some 4,000,000 people in 16 countries.


Journey to Hope Digital Campaign

As part of the lead-up to the Easter Season, created a seven- week online series on hope and its place in real world situations. The animated campaign targeted adults 18-34 with provocative questions about hope and invited them to participate in the online series.



Faith Media + Culture Blog

Larry Hollon, the chief executive of United Methodist Communications, is an avid storyteller, photographer and collector of ideas that foster positive change in society. He needed a blog that allowed him to speak on the issues that are most important to him, media and the church. The Faith Media + Culture blog has created a way for Rev. Hollon to enter the dialogue about church and culture today.



Change the World Campaign

United Methodist churches around the globe join for a two-day service event in May called Change the World. In Louisiana, the churches united in eight cities to hold the Louisiana Skeeter Run. The multi-city event raised awareness and funds for Imagine No Malaria. The campaign had more than 2,000 participants and raised thousands of dollars for malaria initiatives.